Creative LEGO Brick Set

Stimulate children’s curiosity to help explore and learn. With 1,000 bricks the toolkit allows children to create all models and objects like real-life or imaginary buildings. They will develop fine motor skills while assembling, assembly […]

Wheels Set

Used to combine with LEGO® bricks, helping the childen build all types of vehicles and add mobility to construction works. The set includes tires in four different sizes along with plates, shafts, and wheel hubs […]

Vehicles Set

The vehicles set helps children learn about different types of transport and their functions. The children can assemble buses, garbage trucks, vans, ice cream trucks, etc. and keep the characters busy with everyday activities.

Large Building Plates Set

Children need a foundation on which to build, and each durable baseplate forms a solid base for all LEGO® Education Preschool building bricks. Includes one gray baseplate (38 cm x 38 cm), two green baseplates […]

Small Building Plates

There are 22 building plates in three different sizes and many colors. Include: Eight 2.5 “x 5” plates (2 plates x 4 colors each) Eight 2 “x 4” plates (2 plates x 4 colors each) […]

WeDo 2.0 Smart Hub Rechargeable Battery

This lithium-ion polymer battery is designed for use with the WeDo 2.0 Smarthub, provides longer run time than AA batteries, and requires a charge time of approximately three hours.

WeDo 2.0 Smart Hub

Designed specifically for the WeDo 2.0 Core Set, the Smarthub serves as the brain of your creations, enabling the WeDo sensors and motors to come to life. Using the WeDo 2.0 Software and Bluetooth® Low […]

Medium Motor

Get things moving with the Medium Motor. This medium-size, medium-power motor has 2×2 studs on the top and a snap interface on the front to allow easy and optimized integration with the WeDo Core Set […]

Motion Sensor

Attach the Motion Sensor to the WeDo 2.0 Smarthub and it can detect objects within a range of 15 cm. No setup is required; simply connect the Motion Sensor and it will be identified automatically […]

Tilt Sensor

Attach the Tilt Sensor to the WeDo 2.0 Smarthub and it can detect seven different types of orientation: Tilt This Way, Tilt That Way, Tilt Up, Tilt Down, No Tilt, Any Tilt, and Shake. No […]