Renewable Energy Add-on Set

This add-on set allows students to learn about and understand renewable energy sources, including: solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. As well as the functionality and capability of of solar cells, wind turbines and […]

Pneumatics Add-on Set

Pneumatics is a complementary set when combined with the Simple & Power Machines program solution. It encourages logical and creative thinking, and motivates students in grades 6 – 8 to participate in scientific research and […]

Simple Machines Set

The kit contains LEGO DUPLO bricks and assembly instructions which includes gears, levers, belt wheels, wheels and shafts, along with a plastic sheet with eye, sail, and wings trim. Use the product package with the […]

Simple & Powered Machines Set

Machine & Mechanism offers compelling models to study mechanical principles while encouraging students to engage in scientific research and engineering design. Machine & Mechanism is easily integrated into daily learning, where it adds a difference […]

Coding Express

Help your child explore an overview of science, technology, engineering, painting, math, and early programming to help them develop the necessary skills through exciting learning activities, as well as building trains, destinations (With textbooks, teacher’s […]

Community Starter Set

Encourage the children to communicate and collaborate, when assembling models in a child’s imagination. While they are playing, they develop fine motor skills, learn how to express themselves and explore the world around them. Help […]

Tech Machines

Help the children become professional engineers with the construction site, in addition to helping them develop motor skills and problem solving, and unleash the creativity when assembling machines. Include 95 LEGO Duplo brick details, four […]

Story Tales

Promote the children’s creativity, storytelling, imagination and language development through this unique and engaging storytelling series. Children will cooperate and develop speaking and listening skills when building stories and role-playing. Anyone can tell a story […]

Build Me “Emotions”

Help the children discover emotions in a fun and engaging way. While they work in groups on a variety experiences of assembling charaters, they will identify the characteristics, similarities, and differences of each type of […]

Creative LEGO Duplo Brick Set

With this toolkit, the children’s imagination will be improved not only inspiring big ideas in their minds, but also encouraging them to express themselves and develop fine motor skills. while they assemble. Assembling and inspiring […]